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Fancy Scooters provides the highest quality scooters at the best possible value to our customers. We take pride in offering our customers top service before and after the sale. We believe that our dedication and commitment and 100% customer satisfaction guarantee will and has allowed us to gain repeat and referable business.

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Orders can be place either online or by phone. We use the SSL (Secured Socket Layer) system to guarantee your privacy on the information that you register on our web site. This is the same system that all of the major financial institutions use to protect the privacy of their customers. We DO NOT, in anyway, sell or distribute your information to any 3rd party. Customer information is used strictly for the purpose of our data storage and customer service.

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Scooter Warranty

We offer a 30-day warranty ONLY against manufacture defects for all of the scooters that are purchased DIRECTLY from Fancy Scooters

The warranty starts on the first day you received the scooter. Because the warranty doesnt apply to the hours you use your scooters, please exercise your right in 30 days.

We guarantee our products from manufacture defects within the first 30 days from the date you receive your item. Warranty is on a parts exchange basis only. Warranty covers factory defects and defaults only. We do not cover misuse or broken parts caused by the user or by any other event. Customers MUST notify our company within 72 hours from date of receipt of the ordered scooter/s if you believe there are any problems with your scooter/s. For all free-shipping vehicles, customers will be responsible for the shipping costs on all warranty parts.

We require the original part be returned to us with a copy of the invoice and a brief statement indicating the defective nature of the merchandise. Upon arrival, we will verify the defect. Please note that items are covered for regular use, if we find the cause to be from misuse or abuse, the item(s) will be outside the warranty and the customer will pay for replacement parts charges. Also it is customer's responsibility to physically install the replacement parts. If it is necessary for the full product to be returned for repair or replacement, customers are responsible for the shipping cost to and from Fancy Scooters.

In many cases, well ask for pictures of the defect parts instead of the actual parts.


All parts sent are at the discretion of Fancy Scooters. Parts are not guaranteed to be in stock and subject to availability.

This warranty shall be limited to no more than the purchase price of the scooter.

Warranty is effective only if:

  1. The product is completely and correctly assembled by a certified automotive or motorcycle technician.
  2. The product is used under normal conditions for its intended purpose.
  3. The product receives all necessary maintenance and adjustments.

When you think there are any manufacture defects on your brand new scooter, you must stop riding on the scooter right away! Please report the problems to Fancy Scooters immediately. Neglecting the problems and continuously riding on that scooter is very dangerous for your life! And by doing so, will also complicates the scooters condition, which will make you take partial responsibility. We encourage you to exercise your 30 days warranty rights instead of going to a local repair place you select to fix your scooter, because you will not get reimbursed unless that repair is authorized by Fancy Scooters and the price is agreed upon by Fancy Scooters prior to repair.

The warranty is voided if: frame is broken or bent due to abuse; wheels are bent or broken due to impact; spindles or A-Arms are bent or broken due to impact; axles are bent or broken due to impact; non-factory altering of engine or its components; engine malfunctions due to neglect or abuse; plastic fairings are damaged by impact. This warranty does not cover wearable parts such as: cables-throttle and brake, brake pads and shoes, tires, spark plugs, hoses, filters and lubricants or damaged parts from accidents, abuse, or extreme riding or loss of time without motorcycle, vandalism, fire or theft.. All warranties are voided if the scooter has been altered in any way or is used in racing or competition, rented, used under abnormal conditions, or subject to abuse, misuse, neglect or improper maintenance.

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Order Cancellation

We dont do real time transactions on all our website orders. Here are the rules of orders cancellation:

  1. If you cancel your order before we generate bill of sale and charge your credit card, there is no any fees of your order cancellation.
  2. If you cancel your order after we generate bill of sale, charge your credit card and pack your order, then there is $5 fees of your order cancellation to cover nonrefundable credit card processing fee and our handling fee.
  3. if you cancel your order after your package has been picked up by shipping carrier. Then we cannot interrupt any shipping carrier. You have to refuse the package (DONT OPEN IT), then you dont have to pay shipping the package back. When we receive your refused package, we will refund the money to your credit card, but shipping and handling is nonrefundable whatsoever! If you open the package, it will complicate your return. Because no shipping carrier will send it back for u without charging your return fee, also all electric parts and fuel parts cannot be returned if the package has been opened.

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Scooter Return Policy

Customers are allowed to return the manufacture defected scooters for a full refund of the scooter or exchange within a 15 days period, but you must report to us within 72 hours after you received the scooters and you must obtain a RMA number.

We will not accept any return scooter without a RMA number. The scooter must be returned in the original container with all accessories, manuals and packing and a brief note about why you return your scooter. You will be charged for the replacement cost of any missing items.

After RMA# is issued, we have to receive your return scooter in 7 business days, otherwise your returned will be rejected!


Shipping and handling are not refundable, NO EXCEPTION! Customers are responsible to pay for the shipping of the return scooter and shipping both ways of the exchange scooters. Freight collect and COD package will not be accepted!

For all free-shipping vehicles, original shipping fee will be deducted from the refund. It is also customers responsibility to pay sending the vehicles back to us.

There are absolutely no refunds for any fueled items or used items regardless of damage or performance!

Any damage on the return scooters during shipping will result in a partial refund instead of a full refund.

For exchange of the scooter, we must receive your returned scooter first and inspect it. If the scooter is repairable, we will repair it; if not, we will exchange a new one for you. Again customers are responsible for shipping both ways of the scooter. Free shipping is only applied to your original purchase!

All returned scooters will be charged a 30% restocking fee regardless your return reason.

Please check with your state scooter law before making purchase, we do not accept any return scooters because you find out your purchase doesnt comply with your state scooter law later on.

Some of scooters we sell here are toys-like, not DOT approved bikes unless we specified it, so you cannot get registration in DMV like DOT approved motorcycles. Make sure you are aware of this before purchasing your scooter since we do not accept any return scooters because of this reason.

One more time, vehicles that are assembled, fueled or used can not be returned. like Some Mopeds, Dirt Bikes, ATVs. Federal regulations prohibit transport of vehicles that have been fueled. For some scooters the gas tank can be emptied and washed before shipping.

Because gasoline is hazardous and flammable material that is extremely dangerous for mail. Gas scooters that have been ridden and parts have been used with gasoline are illegal to be mailed. Individuals who send them through mail might face fines and/or imprisonment. If you must ship them back to us, please make sure there is no gasoline remains in the scooters or parts. We are not responsible for any event that is caused by this matter.

If a credit card payment is disputed by a cardholder for a reason and product is not returned to Fancy Scooters. This is known as Internet Shoplifting. The Cardholder is responsible for all collection cost, the maximum attorney fees allowed by New Jersey law to collect, and is punishable by jail term under New Jersey Laws and or both Federal Laws (FBI) if crossed state lines and or is sent by US Mail or Equivalent. Cardholders will also be reported to Trans Union, TRW and CSC Credit reporting agencies, and all collections agencies as seen fit by company.

We Strongly suggest that you buy insurance for the return scooters.

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Warranty & Return On Parts

We do not offer any warranty on the parts that we sell, so please read the details on the parts description carefully before you order. You can also call our customer service to get more details on the parts.

Our technical group will offer you professional opinions on the parts that you may need. But we cannot guarantee our parts to fit or function properly if your scooters werent purchased from us.

Most parts can be returned and exchanged, but you have to request your return in 3 business days upon your receiving them. Then you will have 7 business days to make your return after we agree to accept your return. However shipping and handling are not refundable, and customer must pay for the shipping of return and shipping both ways for the exchange parts.

All electric parts can NOT be returned, like chargers, batteries, controller box, coil, CDI, starter, stator, wire harness etc, neither fuel parts like carburetors,petcock,fuel lines, gas tank etc. You have to contact us when you want to return any of scooter parts to get our permission. Some expensive parts with our company stamp on it, you have to return them with this original stamp on it. Otherwise you wont get refund from your returning.


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Scooters and parts will be shipped by USPS,Fedex,Old Dominion,Estes Express and Fedex LTL as standard ground.Tracking numbers are routinely provided to customers.

Rush delivery as over nights or two days air are available with additional fee if customers require. Customer can also use their own shipping accounts if they prefer, handling fee will be applied.

We mainly only ship scooters to the lower 48 states of U.S., but for parts we CAN ship to other countries if customers are willing to pay extra cost of shipping.

All of our scooters are brand new in the box as 95% assembled. Our scooter experts will examine each scooter to make sure everything on the scooters is in perfect condition prior to shipping.

We fully pack the scooter in a professional way. We purchase insurance and signature required for each scooter that we ship (its included in the S/H); THEREFORE, WE WILL NOT BE HELD RESPONSIBLE FOR ANY DAMAGES BY SHIPPING; however, we will help customers to file claims to the shipping company if any damages happen during shipping.

Customers have the right to refuse the acceptance of any major damaged scooter. For scooters that are lost during shipping, we will make claim for the customers. Once we have the confirmation from the shipping company, we will be able to send you the replacement scooters.

We do not ship scooters to P.O. Box, APO and FPO, nor do we accept COD.

Orders of scooters that are made before 1:00 pm EST will usually be shipped the same day or the next business day at the latest (weekends and holidays are not considered as business day).

For orders of parts please allow 24-72 hours for us to ship them out. Tracking numbers of scooters and parts will be sent to customer routinely.

Free shipping items only will be applied to your original purchase. If you return the item, the actual shipping fee will be deducted from your refund and you also have to cover ship the item back to us. If you exchange the items, you will cover ship to and from us both way.

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Stock Status

There may be an occasion that some particular items are temporarily out of stock. We may be expecting a normal shipment from the manufacturer or the item may be on back-order from the manufacturer.

Usually they are restocked in a matter of days, but on occasions, an item can take weeks to be restocked. You can always browse our website or email us to find the current status of the item you are looking for.

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NOTE: Your satisfaction is very important to us! We have provided dimensions, specifications and photos on all vehicles and other items to better help you with your purchasing decision. Please check item descriptions carefully prior to purchase.

You are responsible for the safe use of your purchased items. By purchasing, accepting shipment of and subsequently using a product offered for sale on our site, you agree to hold Fancy Scooters harmless in the event of any injury sustained from the proper or improper use of any products purchased. By purchasing an item, you agree that Fancy Scooters' maximum amount of liability is equal to the purchase price and that you will not attempt to recover damages of any type from Fancy Scooters

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By clicking 'submit order', or purchasing any of our products by phone, fax, and mails, you constitute your understanding and acceptance of all of our sale policies and agree that they constitute a legally binding agreement.

Any ambiguous language in this agreement shall be interpreted as to its fair meaning and not strictly for or against any party.

Arbitration: Any controversy, claim or dispute arising out of or relating to this agreement, shall be settled by binding arbitration in Pennsauken, New Jersey.

Such arbitration shall be conducted in Pennsauken, New Jersey and governed by the then prevailing commercial arbitration rules of New Jersey law, with the following exceptions if in conflict: (a) one arbitrator shall be chosen by Fancy Scooter (b) The non-prevailing party shall be responsible for the expenses and fees of the arbitrator, together with other expenses of the arbitration incurred or approved by the arbitrator; and (c) arbitration may proceed in the absence of any party if written notice has been given to such party (pursuant to the rules and regulations of New Jersey law).

The parties agree to abide by all decisions and awards rendered in such proceedings. Such decisions and awards rendered by the arbitrator shall be final and conclusive and may be entered in any court thereof as a basis of judgment and of the issuance of execution for its collection.

All such controversies, claims or disputes shall be settled in this manner in lieu of any action at law or equity.

The arbitrator shall not have the right to award punitive damages or speculative damages to either party and shall not have the power to amend this agreement. The arbitrator shall be required to follow applicable law.


Any and all attorneys' fees will be the responsibility of the non-prevailing party. All claims or disputes must be filed within Pennsauken, New Jersey

Sever ability of Agreement: If any term or provision of this agreement is determined to be illegal, unenforceable, or invalid in whole or in part for any reason, such illegal.

Unenforceable or invalid provisions shall be stricken from this agreement, and such provision shall not affect the legality, enforceability, or validity of the remainder of this agreement.

If any provision or part thereof of this agreement is stricken in accordance with the provisions of this section, then this stricken provision shall be replaced, to the extent possible, with a legal, enforceable, and valid provision that is as similar in tenor to the stricken provision as is legally possible.

Modification of Agreement: This agreement may be supplemented, amended, or modified by Fancy Scooters at any time. Supplement, amendment, or modification of this agreement will be binding by all parties.

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Fancy Scooters is not responsible for possible injuries caused by riding its products!

Recently we have found some companies copy the pictures and text, especially from the scooter parts section of this website without our permission, these are copyrighted materials, and we reserve the right, at our discretion, to take necessary legal action against copyright infringement on this site!

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